Training device for beginner radio-controlled helicopter pilots

This device is designed to support the novice radio-controlled helicopter pilot in the early stages of this funny, fascinating but sometimes risky modeling activity.

With this device any beginner pilot will learn, without any risk for himself and other people, the behavior of a radio-controlled helicopter, how to easily perform settings to the helicopter and will also practice with the main controls, but also with those less instinctive as the frontside and lateral controls.

With this device any novice pilot will be immediately able to safely shift his radio-controlled helicopter, either over a wide area as a square or a courtyard but also, if possible, within the walls of your home.

During this training activity, the use of this device can dramatically reduce the risk of damage to the helicopter with a consequent, and certainly appreciated, cost saving.

In addition, this device allows to:
- Run the initial tuning of the helicopter set-up and test it in all its parts: engine, collective, cyclic, anti-torque, gyroscope, levers, servants, trims, etc...
- Be sure that, in case of sudden interruption of controls, the helicopter will not crash to the ground and therefore will not have any damage.
- Mitigate (and thus learn to take under control) the stress supporting the novel pilot to learn the right commands to be given, preventing the "crash panic" that erroneously inhibits and influences the perception of the helicopter reactions.
- Achieve a greater emotional involvement than a virtual simulator.